Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

Our delivery time for lunch is 10.30 am to 1.30 pm and dinner is between 3.30 pm to 7.30 pm. We are unable to commit to individual’s preferred time of delivery as our delivery route is dependable on our available resources, the number of customer orders as well as the traffic condition.

Our service is from Monday to Friday only, excluding all public holidays. There is no refund as the Public Holiday would have been accounted for during your invoicing.

Once payment has been made, there will be no refund should you decide to terminate the service.
Payment must be paid up in full before or on the first day of delivery. We reserve the right to terminate service if payment is not paid up in time.
For payment of refund ie tingkat deposit etc will be in 160-180 days.

Our paper food containers are Food Grade Certified with US FDA compliance. They are also environment friendly certified and safe for microwaving.

Please provide a hook for the food to be hung on the door. If you have any specific instruction to place the food, please indicate on the order form or contact our office to make the arrangement.

We are able to accommodate to common requests such as non spicy or no beef indicated on the order form. However, we are not able to cater to individual preference or special dietary apart from the order form. Please kindly contact our office for the details if you need clarification.

Yes, we also offer minimum 4 times per week. However, the price rate will be different. Please refer to the price table for details.

We only offer 3 dishes and 1 soup service. There is no replacement dish for soup.

We only cater minimum 2 persons tingkat meal.

No. White or brown rice is optional. Please place your order on the order form.